Relevant Women Project

Who are Relevant Women?

I love taking photos of women, locally and in other countries. In their eyes I see a deep-seeded purpose. I see hope.  I love to look for their poetic beauty, whether in rags or veils. From the photos to paintings, I want to create all these aspects of women.

Through my creative process I encourage and nurture the empowering spirit of hope women share globally. The goal for my paintings is to bring awareness to the importance of each woman and her relevance in her home, town, county and the world. Through the collective female energy, we can create a larger consciousness, brought from so many unjust acts upon women and promote change that is essential in the world.

Where do these wise women take me on my own journey?

The time that I spend alone with the women I paint has given me a window into their wisdom.  They are becoming guides for me. I am at a crossroads in my own life, an empty nester. I now look for my own relevance in life. I am awed by the purpose in these women’s faces. We are different in so many ways:  language, belief system, citizenship, access to opportunities.  But I share my soul with them. I talk to them. I wonder about their stories, their hopes and dreams. I ask, “Am I fulfilling my own purpose in life?” They inspire me to discover my own relevance in a globalized world, to be a contributor, to bring hope.

I am a painter, not a writer, yet I needed to understand why the paintings were affecting me so deeply. I began to write journal entries and portrait descriptions of each woman to accompany each finished portrait. Marisol, Gracia, Paciencia and the others are becoming members of an ever-expanding women’s circle with each woman I paint, as we all become Relevant Women.

Why I must paint?

Painting lives inside of me as I swim with the colors. They give me joy; their vibrations make me alive and focused in the moment. It takes me away from thinking and into the action of doing. Painting gives me optimism. The clear, bright, clean vibrant colors juxtaposed next to each other open my heart to song, make my eyes dance and ignite my hand to creation. The colors vibrate, I feel alive. I must paint to live. ‘Relevant Women’ bring color to our lives!

Wendy is open to bringing the ‘Relevant Women’ Project to join your women’s circle, service organization or community function.  Let’s get creative and talk. My phone is 760.519.6747 or you can reach me by email.

Original Paintings, fine art giclees, prints and cards available.

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